Baxter Ewers FvT CoW


Baxter Ewers is someone who focuses on Stage-Control and Zoning in his playstyle. He can Super Jump, Dash and Side Step in his mechanics.

He can also interupt combos with his aerial moves, especially when it comes down to Zoning. He can interupt approaches from other opponents as well.

Despite his Supers having long command in them, it's actually very easy to pit it in, you don't need to be fast to input it in, it determines on how fast the player inputs it in, it does it automatically after when they input it in.


Baxter can Super Jump, Dash and Side Step.

Normal CommandEdit

Move Name Input Description Version
Attack light A punch with his right arm. Ground
Attack medium A punch with his left arm. Ground
Attack hard Thrusts his two hands out pushing the opponent. Ground
Attack light A punch downwards. Air
Attack medium Kicks downwards. Air
Attack hard Swings both of his fists down. Air
Attack light A jab forward with his left arm. Crouching
Attack medium A kick forward while crouching. Crouching
Attack hard Slides forward. Crouching

Special MovesetEdit

Move Name Input Description Version
Dash Right + Right Baxter Ewers dashes forward, his dash is abit slow, but not too slow like some other characters. Ground
Side Step Left + Left Baxter Ewers leaps back side stepping away from the opponent. Ground
Super Jump Down + Up Crouches down and jumps at full force up high in the air. Crouching
Blue Sphere Down, Right + Attack medium Propells his arms out shooting a projectile in Blue Ki Energy. Ground
Dashercut! Down, Down Left, Left + Attack button Dashes on his feet and performs a huge uppercut upwards. Crouching
Nagareboshi Flip Kick Arcade Stick 360 + Attack button 2x An axe kick forward on the opponent's head. Air
Burusupinkikku Arcade Modifier Air, AS QCF, AS S + Attack button Spins 5 Times with his leg out and covered in Blue Energy. Air
Aerial Blue Sphere Arcade Modifier (Air), Right Down Right + Attack hard Shoots the Blue Sphere from above Air

Super MovesEdit

Move Name Input Description Level
Blue Assault Down, Down Right Down Right, Left + Attack hard Baxter Ewers launches forward striking fast with punches and multiple blows. 1
Blue Fire Mode Left Right Left Right, Right, Down, Down + Attack button Transforms into his Blue Fire state having Blue Flames all around his body, he also enhances his speed, power and attacks. 2
Saishutekini The Matsu Soreha Over: Barraging White God Fists Down, Down, Down, Down, Left Right, Left Right, Down Right, Down Left + Attack hard Transforms into his Calmness Mode Form and says his famous line from the original series and begins to unleash a powerful force of punches at the opponent, before punching them again and brings his wrists together shooting out small white energy that can OHKO lower health characters. 3


Name Type Angle Cross-Over
a Blue Sphere Shot Front Blue Assault
b Nagareboshi Flip Kick Direct Front Blue Fire Mode
y Burusupinkikku Direct Front Saishutekini The Matsu Soreha Over: Barraging White God Fists


X-Factor Boosts Damage Speed
Level 1 170% 100%
Level 2 180% 130%
Level 3 190% 160%

Alternate Palettes / CostumesEdit