Nintendo Super Heroes is a fighting game non-canon developed by Nintendo. It features Nintendo's greatest superheroes and supervillains including Mario, Ridley and Donkey Kong. The Final Boss in the game is Tabuu from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.



  • Mario's attacks consists of Jumping, using his hammer abilities and has a mechanic with the Power Ups and is one of the best characters to use with first players. His Stage is the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Donkey Kong is a slow, but powerful character. As expected, his attacks involve the use of barrels and strength. His Stage is Rumble Falls.
  • Link uses his Master Sword, Shield, Gale Boomerangs and Bombs in his playstyle. His Home Stage is Hyrule Castle.
  • Samus uses energy attacks that include beams and blasts as well as explosives. Her Home Stage is Brinstar
  • Kirby can copy other fighter's abilities and use his own fighting skills as well. His Home Stage is Dream Land.
  • Captain Falcon has a lot of agility. He has moves related to his fighting style from Super Smash Bros. Captain Falcon also retains his iconic "Falcon Punch!". His Home Stage is Mute City


  • Bowser is a slow, but powerful character. He has the power to flaten his opponents and use his shell as an attack. His Home stage is Bowser's Castle
  • King K. Rool is a faster, but weaker character. He can use cannons and a chopper for his moveset. His Home Stage is Pirate Ship
  • Ganondorf as the evil lord, Ganon has dark magic and his moveset is heavily based from Captain Falcon's except he's alot slower. His Home Stage is The Dark World.
  • Ridley can fly and grab and slam his opponents. His Home Stage is Brinstar like Samus.
  • Nightmare mainly uses Dark Magic and can absorb life energy out of his opponents. His Home Stage is Dream Land like Kirby.
  • Black Shadow takes advantages of his dark energy and is a direct clone of Captain Falcon. His Home stage is Mute City like Captain Falcon.
  • Tabuu has a great number of attacks, all of his moves including the OHKO Off Wings move are included in his moveset. His Home Stage is Tabuu's Residence.

Hidden FighterEdit

  • Mega Man appears as a hidden fighter in the game and is the only third-party character to be unlockable. His playstyle is very similar to his Marvel vs. Capcom self, except with a few upgrades added in.

Cameo CharactersEdit