Red Noir FvT CoW


Red Noir uses his fists, grappling claws and the red blade in his moveset for combat. He is a relatively fast character with good ranged and close quarters attacks. His specials include punching rapidly at the opponent, grabbing opponents with his grappling claws from his wrists for open attacks and doing a series of slashes targeting the opponent. His support attacks included jumping in and firing a grappling claw straight down at the opponent. Also, he even copied one of Ryu's attacks, Shouryuken (which he calls it Redryuken!), which he in fact demonstrated in one of the episodes from Miraculous Red.

Red Noir has an incredibly fast Side Step which allows him to avoid oncoming moves forward and backwards. He can Wall Climb and attack from above while on the wall. He can surprise attack his opponents as well from the wall with a button.


Red Noir can Side Step and Wall Climb.

Normal CommandEdit

Move Name Input Description Version
Attack light A jab forward. Ground
Attack medium A low kick to the opponent's shin. Ground
Attack hard An upwards swipe with the Red Blade. Ground
Attack light A punch downwards. Air
Attack medium A kick downwards. Air
Attack hard Shoots out his Grappling Claws to grab the opponent and slam them downwards bouncing them off the ground. Air
Attack light Punches the ground sending Red Waves of Energy forward. Crouching
Attack medium A slide forward. Crouching
Attack hard Shoots out his Grappling Claws to trip the opponent. Crouching

Special MovesetEdit

Move Name Input Description Version
Side Step Left + Left Red Noir leaps back away from the opponent Ground
Wall Climb Left + Left (Near a Wall) Red Noir leaps back but if he makes contact to the wall, he can freely climb and open hit an opponent. This is the reason why he's nicknamed "The Paris Spiderman". Ground
Red Wheel Right + Attack medium Red Noir hops over with a somersault kick that hits twice, goes over low attacks and causes ground bounce. Ground
YO! MAMA! AS QCF + Attack medium Red Noir does a high punch upwards while slowly hoping off the ground shouting "Yo Mama!" Ground
Color Red Gift Arcade Modifier (Air) + Attack button Red Noir throws his Red Blade downwards at the opponent which it sticks to the ground and vanishes soon after. Air
Red Blade-arana! AS S + Attack hard Red Noir performs a instant slash with his Red Blade  via a jerk-leaning stance on one leg. This move is similar to most 3-way attacks in other fighting games that can be aimed high, mid or low; only it cannot be delayed nor is it a counter/reversal. It can be followed up with Pizza Est Mon Bae!! Ground
Redryuken! Arcade Stick HCF + Attack button Red Noir jumps off the ground with a rising uppercut upwards. It can cause a wall-bounce. Ground
Pizza Est Mon Bae!! Attack hard + followed up after Red Blade-arana! This is a follow-up to Red Blade-arana!. Red Noir will slashes his Red Blade at the opponent in a swift inward cross as he leans forward on one leg, sending them flying across the screen. This attack will cause a wall bounce, allowing for extended combos. Ground
Grappling Claw Slam! Arcade Stick 360 + Special Thrusts both his arms out shooting out his grappling claws and drags the opponent and slams them on the ground before his claws shoot back in his Gauntlets. Ground

Super MovesEdit

Move Name Input Description Level
It's Slicing Time! AS S + Attack hard Red Noir slashes his opponent with his Red Blade in a mad-like dance combo attack. Red Noir rips through the opponent four times before double slashing with the Red Blade finishing the attack. It functions similar to Deadpool's "Cuttin' Time". 1
Breaking the Laws of Physics! AS S + Attack button 2x Red Noir does a sexy pose while smirking and winking and walks towards his opponent. If his opponent hits him with a normal attack, he throws a flashbang that briefly turns the screen white, stunning the opponent into inactivity. He will rapidally punch the opponent and swing his Red Blade at them while smirking and then breaks the law of physics grabbing down his own health bar and begins to rapidally slam on his opponent on the head eight times before finishing the Super with a Swing launching the opponent out of the sky which leaves a background star. 2
Great Red Slash! Qcb + Attack button 2x Red Noir smiles with a wide grin taking out his Red Blade with his bangs down and charges at the opponent. If he makes contact with them, he will jump off the ground and begins to give the opponent a series of slashes with his Red Blade before finishing it off with a slam back down on the ground making a huge explosion around him. 3


Name Type Angle Cross-Over
a Color Red Gift Shot Downwards It's Slicing Time!
b Red Blade-arana! Direct Tilt Forward Breaking the Laws of Physics!
y Redryuken! Direct Upwards Great Red Slash!


X-Factor Boosts Damage Speed
Level 1 125% 115%
Level 2 145% 125%
Level 3 165% 135%

Alternate Palettes / CostumesEdit