The Demolisher, a major antagonist in Super Baxter is the final boss in Fireball vs. TCT: Clash of Worlds.


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Demolisher's Pre-Fight DialoguesEdit

Demolisher's Win QuotesEdit

Demolisher's Defeat QuotesEdit

  • (Any attack) "NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • (Time over) "I am not abide by these rules!"

Demolisher's Victory QuotesEdit

  • (vs. Baxter Ewers) "Fool! Blue Ki was nothing to me! Die like the rest!"
  • (vs. Baxter Ewers) "In all my countless lifetimes of existence, you are by far the being most deserving of having your life extinguished."
  • (vs. Baxter) "And you call yourself a hero? Laughable!"
  • "I am a force of nature, I am Demolisher!"
  • (vs. Christian Rice) "Congratulations, you have doomed your world!"
  • "You puny human ants are more annoying than I had suspected."
  • "I am not bound by the law of physics!"
  • "You may serve as my herald, if you live!"
  • "My journey is ended! This planet shall sustain me until it has been drained of all elemental life!"
  • "Remember this day, and your death in my hands!"
  • "Demolisher will forever be a living power cosmic!"